b'The construction of the Polymer Plant was a significant accomplishment of 2021. With this facility in place, Phase 1 of polymer injection will start in early 2022 with 15 injector wells. In 2022, we plan to drill an additional 32 injector wells. The anticipated additional oil recovery is eight to 12 percent. Polymer injection is also being evaluated for other areas within the Tambaredjo Field. Another EOR method, Cyclic Steam Stimulus (CSS), will be piloted starting in the fourth quarter of 2022. If successful, we expect at leastPROJECTING 5 MMbbls of additional oil reserves that canSUCCESS:be credited, with the contribution to production potentially between 500 and 1,000 barrels perFor Upstream, success going day as early as 2023. forward will be maintaining our six-million-barrel annual production level for years to To optimize 2021 production, a great deal ofcome through both effectiveenergy and time was invested in optimizingEOR methods and thereservoir models to better predict the productiondiscovery of new reserves.behavior of horizontal wells and of steamed wells.REKHA BISSUMBHAR Upstream DirectorWe also took measures to enhance the expertise of our workforce.Our development drilling program in 2021 resulted in the drilling of 11 new horizontal wells and 17 vertical wells. Horizontal drilling has tested positive in various reservoir conditions, and the contribution from new horizontalS U EY FOC K Sustaining annual production of producers has been significant. Production6 MMbbls with efforts including was further enhanced through a high fluid ratea development drilling program 2021 fornewwellsandhighfluidratestrategy through which 34 existing wells werestrategy to optimize existing wells.optimized.In the search for new reserves, an Appraisal Drilling Program (ADP) was executed in the CUS Y FO KEUitkijk area (five wells) and the Calcutta-NorthSustain our 6MMbbls levelarea (two wells). While these efforts did not resultof production, with measuresincluding the implementation of2022 in the discovery of additional reserves, furtherour Polymer Project.interpretation and evaluation of the 3D seismic results are ongoing and results will be further integrated with other geological studies toupdate the 2022 ADP, with plans to drill eight appraisal wells.The year 2021 started with 89.6 MMbbls of proven reserves. During the year 6 MMbbls were produced. Furthermore, a total of 5.5 MMbbls were added from the development areas, which resulted in the total proved reserves of 33'