b'STAATSOLIE MAATSCHAPPIJ SURINAME N.V.Consolidated Statement of Cash FlowsFOR THE YEAR ENDED DECEMBER 31, 2021(X US$ 1,000) Notes 2021 2020Operating activitiesProfit before income tax from continued operations 3.1 212,70598,835 Loss from discontinued operations 4.12(2,143)(831)Profitbeforetax 210,56298,004 Adjustments to reconcile profit before tax to net cash flows:Depreciation of Property, plant and equipment (PPE) 3.2 104,987111,019 Depreciation of right-of-use assets4.72,252 2,806 Fair value gain investment properties 4.6(1,954)- Impairment of non-current assets 4.11 (15,875)16,787 Expensed projects4.1-4.365,566 10,113 Amortization of intangible assets4.51,643 1,072 Amortization of debt arrangement fee 5.32,508 2,051 Accretion expense 4.95,903 9,542 Accretion of lease liability4.7540 825 Hyperinflation and Currency translation adjustment22,393(16,146)Disposal of PPE 4.1-4.31,271 (1,451)Finance income 3.2(1,631)(2,619)Finance costs (excluding accretion expenses and46,76043,087amortization of debt arrangement fees)Share of profit in Suriname Gold Project CV 4.4(79,338)(85,411)Movements employee defined benefit liabilities6,383 330 Movement in Provisions (25)(784)Cash from operations before working capital changes 371,945189,225 Working capital adjustments: Change in Inventories 7,910 4,181 Change in Trade receivables(34,629)2,401 Change in Prepayments and other current assets4,4527,873 Change in Trade payables 2,589 (59,305)Change in Accruals and other liabilities(32,669)37,670 Cash generated from operations 319,598182,045 Interest received22 1,486 Interest paid(53,373)(46,221)Income taxes paid/settled(19,930)(6,500)Netcashflowsfromoperatingactivities 246,317130,810 70 STAATSOLIE 2021 ANNUAL REPORT'